Why You Need A Travel Counselor In Your Family Vacation

You might often feel a need to unwind and release your stress. There can also be situations where you long for the summer heat and childhood memories. Whatever your reasons are, going on a vacation with your family is probably the best way to do it. 

A vacation with your family is more than a retreat experience. It creates life-long memories where you can rebuild relationships. Breaking the usual routine of your family is also beneficial to your health. Being exposed to new cultures, experiences, and cuisines can make you happier and more relaxed.

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There is no surprise how traveling with your family can be beneficial to your mental health. But it is not so easy to have the perfect getaway experience. You might have some unexpected situations while on the road. You should prepare if you don’t want to have a disastrous experience.

But you do not need to fret! Seeking the assistance of a travel counselor can be helpful when planning your trip. You can consult them to prevent the common problems you might have when going on a trip with your family. Read on to know what a traveling counselor is and how they can assist your family vacation.

What Is A Travel Counselor And What Do They Do

The primary job of a travel counselor is to assist clients who are traveling for work, vacation, or other personal or professional reasons. They research to explore and study various destination options. They also research prices, cultural customs, and weather conditions in each place. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the various travel options, they can show you reviews of the best tourist attractions. 

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Travel counselors are also responsible for studying the client’s specifications and wishes. They see to it that their suggestions are tailored to meet their client’s needs. Moreover, they are also involved in planning and organizing your whole travel experience. Some specific tasks are:

  • Booking your tickets and reserve your accommodations
  • Organizing your transportation rentals
  • Offering you fair travel promos and discounts 
  • Providing clients necessary tour guides and point persons
  • Providing travel resources such as maps, event programs, and other informational guides

As travel counselors, they must also keep in touch with the latest trends in the tourist industry. To ensure this, they may be required to attend conferences and educational programs. They also need to know about the most recent and updated travel regulations, restrictions, and policies. 

As part of the agency, they are also tasked with collecting deposits and balances. Travel counselors also need to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and prepare KPI reports as well. 

But most importantly, they need to build and maintain client relationships. It is crucial in establishing trust and rapport between the two parties. This way, the clients do not have to worry about fraudulent traveling services.

Common Travel Problems Your Family May Encounter

There are a hundred reasons why your family needs a travel counselor before going on a trip. For many of these reasons, preventing common mistakes in traveling is a major one. If it is your family’s first-time travel, you are sure to make a lot of mistakes. Here are some of the most common problems your family may encounter during your trip:

  • Over- or underpacking
  • One sick family member
  • Not booking enough accommodations
  • Bad weather
  • Being unaware of and paying hidden costs and expenses
  • Booking flights that are too early or too late
  • Getting lost in the itinerary
  • Missing your flight
  • Getting mugged
  • Difficulty when asking for directions (because you can’t speak the language)

There is no one solution to these problems. However, you’ll be able to deal with these more easily through thorough preparation. A travel counselor can assist you in making preparations ahead of time. They will inform you of other common mistakes tourists make when it comes to cultural and social practices. Travel counselors can guide you on what to do in case you encounter some of these problems. 

How A Travel Counselor May Help

As previously mentioned, hiring a travel counselor may primarily help you plan and organize your trip. They can offer you a variety of destination options and promos suitable for your family’s needs. Most importantly, a travel counselor can provide you with some knowledge about your chosen attractions. This is especially crucial for families who are traveling together for the first time. It might be helpful for you and your family to have a lot of choices for your trip.

A travel counselor can help you a lot, especially if you do not have the time to prepare for a trip. The resources they provide you facilitate preparing your getaway.

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Travel counselors are also responsible for your welfare as a family. Most travel counselors and their agencies are accountable for your whole trip. They also may offer you insurance to guarantee that your accommodations are safe. Insurance is also crucial for medical emergencies or when your need to cancel your trip.

Aside from making your itinerary, your travel counselor can also help you budget your money. As previously mentioned, one of the common mistakes of tourists is being unaware of hidden costs. Hiring a counselor can help your family plan cost-efficient excursions. Especially for expensive trips, this is essential when you want to get the best experience for your family.

Lastly, travel counselors can provide you exclusivity and leverage. They are well-researched about the top tourist destinations, and they also know about hidden gems in some destinations. When planning a last-minute trip, you can benefit from their long-term relationships with hotel companies and resorts.

Ensuring that your family is in their best condition is one of the keys to a successful vacation. Do not hesitate to consult a travel counselor to improve your traveling experience.

Living In A Hotel – A Great Boost For Your Mental Health?

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As I was growing up, I loved to watch the show “Suite Life of Zac and Cody.” It is about twin brothers living in a hotel with their mother, and they would usually get into all sorts of trouble. It was fun to watch because, for me, it looked like a glamorous life; maybe it is because I love hotels, but it all just looked so fun and exciting. I could watch that show for hours and hours back then, and I would sit there and wonder what it would be like if we were to live in a hotel too.

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Travel During The Coronavirus Pandemic

It has been a long time since the World Health Organization said anything about the world’s travel condition. Since COVID-19 is a public health situation, the organization until now seeks better resolution to help the public in their issues regarding safety and security. But after a couple of months, countries are now easing their measures for the first time. Traveling is now okay following the full lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. People now see the light as to where they can travel and cross countries again. Here are some of the domestic and international travel updates, advisories, and recommendations to look out for.

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The New Normal Of Traveling

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for the virus yet. And until now, all people still need to follow social distancing protocol. Regarding traveling, countries are urging their governments to continually control the people’s movement. With that, restrictions for public utility vehicles are still on the table. It is a bit of an inconvenience due to the vast number of people who need public transport. Some countries also issue curfew hours to help limit the visibility of people on the airport terminals and bus stations. Children and the elderly are also not allowed to travel even if it calls for an emergency. The point of the continued restriction is to help the government in contact tracing.

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For domestic travels, pretty much all countries are now allowing people to travel. But, of course, they should follow the social distancing protocol and wear masks properly. And with regards to domestic air and land travels, there are only a few numbers of people allowed to ride a particular vehicle. Unfortunately, most individuals find it inconvenient. However, the goal of that restriction is to encourage individuals to only proceed with essential travel and trade. Honestly, the point of the new domestic travel rules is to convince everybody to stay cautious despite the privilege of traveling again.

As for international travels, governments across all countries practice safety measures by denying some foreign entries. That is because temperature screening from border checkpoints alone does not usually prevent, stop, or slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Some countries believe that the screening process is not that effective since there are people who happen to be asymptomatic. Yes, some tests can guarantee results in determining who is infected or not. However, the challenge of that process is the delay of time of the result and exertion of effort. That means it is difficult to entirely consider an open trip without seeing a good outcome in both ways.

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Most individuals appreciate the already loosen travel restrictions in the past few weeks. Some of them use the opportunity to be with their families and friends again. But when talking about vacations and other leisure trips, the public is still required not to treat the situation lightly and are encouraged to stay within their homes. Honestly, that is the best thing to do since most travel spots are under quarantine and are unable to operate and provide services. Yes, some places already started their reopening phases. But people should note that some of these businesses are only available for a few individuals. There is nothing much people can do about it.

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The World Health organization still doesn’t change its stand on the effects of the Coronavirus. And since there is a continuously growing number of infected individuals worldwide, people might expect another lockdown. Hopefully, that won’t happen again.

So if ever you consider traveling in and out of a country, please do follow safety measures. And if it is not that important, you might as well take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay at home.

What People Say About The 2016 Long Beach Summer Breeze Festival

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I asked those who witnessed the 2016 Long Beach Summer Breeze Festival if it was worth the travel and the money, and no one answered ‘no.’ All of them – the singles, locals, tourists, and families – thought that the summer festival was fantastic. And now that summer’s fast approaching, I decided to find out more about this festival so I’ll know my way around where to go what to do in Long Beach, California.

Best Music Of The Season

The Summer Breeze Festival has been famous for being one of the best hosts of R&B shows for the whole summer season. Locals and tourists alike will be inspired by the songs of different genre performed by their favorite old and new artists. The usual ticket price starts at $50. You must pay ahead, though, because they run out earlier than you think.

Gastronomical Treat

This I am so looking forward – devouring all the tasty street food! From simple and usual to unique and exotic, you can get a taste of what the West Coast is proud of. Lunch, snacks, are dinner are served twice a week. Check out the bars and food trucks.

The Jazz Scene

Cow Bop, Southland Nonet, and Sherry Williams Quartet are among the artists that have heated up the jazz scene at the Cultural Center in Fullerton. After an active stroll and perhaps a few drinks at the cash bar, relax and listen to some smooth jazz music every Thursday for six weeks. In 2016, tickets were at $25 but if you purchase in advance, you get $5 less.

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Art Extravaganza

This is a bizarre kind of art show wherein artists utilized bizarre materials that you won’t expect would work in an art collection – gummy bears, and duct tapes and more. Be amazed at the art with background music plus refreshments. And as if it’s not enough, you’ll get to meet and greet the artists of the show right after!

There’s a lot more in store for you (and me) at the festival and I am definitely going to check it out this summer. How about you?




2016 San Francisco Mostly British Film Festival: Revisiting Britain’s Golden Age Of Cinema

2016 San Francisco Mostly British Film Festival celebrated the most renowned icons of Britain’s film industry. One of the highlights is the tribute to the British film golden era.  Classics such as The Third Man (1949), Black Narcissus (1947), and Great Expectations (1946) were some of the most iconic post-war films.

Why Is The 1940s So Important?



During this time, Britain is at war with Nazi Germany. It was only after five years that the hostilities will end. The period of economic recovery was long and hard for the Brits. Also, on the onset of the war, cinemas closed due to government ordinance.

The cinemas opened was again after the government realized its potential for propaganda. By utilizing this medium, the British government expects to regain and stabilize social order.

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Furthermore, television broadcasting in the 1940s is only available to the elites until the 1950s. Therefore, movie houses gained their popularity with the masses because it is one of the cheaper means of entertainment.

Where The Iconic British Fiction Films Began



Films produced during the war were primarily documentaries and commentaries related to propaganda. In 1941, filmmakers invested in fiction with propagandist stories such as 49th Parallel (1941), The Lamp Still Burns (1943) and Eating Out with Tommy Rider (1941).

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During the country’s recovery post-war, there is a reinstatement of the Ministry of Information renaming it as the Central Office of Information. Since then, there is a shift in propaganda from war politics to promoting social changes such as labor and health. Examples of these films are What A Life! (1948) and Jet-Propelled Germs (1948).

Furthermore, it is also notable that internationally renowned masterpieces of the decade are from famous British directors Alfred Hitchcock, Anthony Asquith, Coral Reed,  Terence Rattigan, and Michael Powell. Some of these films are Canterbury Tale (1944), A Matter of Life and Death (1946), and The Red Shoes (1948).


Glimpse Of History Through Movies


Fiction made from each generation reflects the environment and social conditions of that time. Many of the movies of the 1940s may be fictional, but these show a picture of the world-changing events that transpired in the past. That is the reason why these should be acknowledged and revisited such as the celebration in the 2016 San Francisco Mostly British Film Festival.

The 2015 Arizona Schnepf Farms Annual Peach Festival

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to attend the exciting and interesting 2015 Arizona Schnepf farms annual peach festival. I can still remember my hesitation at that time, especially when I am still new to the farming business. Fortunately, my business partner insisted that we participate, as it would provide a tremendous earning opportunity for our company.



Because of this, we booked tickets to Arizona to join the festivity. While we were there, we were able to increase our connections in the farming industry. We met several investors who taught us about the proper ways on how to market farm products to a particular target market. Allow me to share some of the tips that can help any starting entrepreneur:


Know Your Business


It can be challenging to introduce a new business to a set of target consumers, which is why it is essential for any entrepreneur to learn the value of understanding how the company operates and work. Focus on the branding because that is going to be your stepping-stone to success.


Set Manufacture Or Production Standards


As much as possible, create a set of guidelines that must be observed throughout the manufacture and production of the farm products. Keep in mind that competition in the market can be tough, which is why you need to find the best selling points for your product. An excellent way of doing this is by setting high standards.



Connect To People


Make it a top priority to make your products more appealing to your target clients and customers. As such, it is vital for you to connect with them through your e-commerce website or social media pages. At the same time, you can also use electronic or even traditional mails to reach them.


The success of your business is not going to happen or manifest overnight. It requires continuous improvement and dedication on your part.



Things To Remember When Attending Outdoor Festivals In British Columbia

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British Columbia serves as an annual host for a broad range of fantastic events not only for every family with kids but also for millennials throughout the year. During the love month, for instance, people can go to Prince George and experience week-long entertainment via the Coldsnap music festival. When the Richmond Canada Day occurs, locals and tourists are welcome to party on the streets, attend free concerts, and watch a firework display.

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Rekindle Your Love At Whistler BC

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Whistler, British Columbia is popular for being home to the best and largest ski resort in North America. However, not everyone who comes to Whistler has the sole purpose of skiing or even thinking of riding the slopes. Whistler’s success and fame as a favorite tourist destination doesn’t stop at being a five-star ski resort. In fact, it surpasses its reputation far beyond its stretches of snow.


Whistler is also a go-to for people who want to relax, unwind, and ultimately rekindle their love. Its delicious cuisine matched with a romantic atmosphere has invited and welcomed many couples to stay and try their luck on reviving their lost feelings and fixing their relationship.


Here are some reasons why romance sizzles in this beautiful Canadian town.


Whistler Village. If you don’t feel like going to the slopes and want to take a breather by going shopping or eating, then the Whistler Village is the perfect place to visit. With the Blackcomb Mountains as your backdrop, a sparkle of hope might just happen in one of their cozy restaurants. After a delicious meal, you can go window-shopping in the strip of boutiques and popular shops such as the Body Shop, Gap, L’Occitane, and Pandora. This is quite a therapy for most of the tourists on this side of town.


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The Scandinave Spa. What’s one of the best ways to boost romance but to relax and rejuvenate in a spa? There are great spas in town, but the Scandinave Spa offers the unique experience of massage and hydrotherapy in an outdoor facility that allows you to look down on the beautiful landscapes of Whistler. You begin with a steam bath, a Finnish sauna, or a hot bath, and then move into a cold tub. The final respite will either be in a warm and fragrant room or in an outdoor fireplace. If you’ve got a little more energy, you can end your night with a hot stone or couples massage.


Dining Experience. Canada is home to award-winning restaurants, and two of the best are proudly from Whistler. Bearfoot Bistro and Araxi are the perfect places to experience a romantic dinner with your partner. Don’t start eating until you get a taste of their champagne (to heat things up a little!). If you’re craving for raw and spicy, head to Sachi Sushi, a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Rim Rock Café, Wildwood Bistro, and 21 Steps are equally popular restaurants that are worth trying.


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Five-Star Accommodations. Whistler boasts of luxurious hotels, condominium units, and house rentals that are safe, comfortable, and truly relaxing. The Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre Hotel is a European-themed hotel that is always on the roster of the best accommodations in travel sites around the world. It is quiet with an air of class, so you are sure to impress the love of your life. She might just be waiting for you at the balcony, where she plans to tell you how much she’s missed you. You can do so much in their hotel suites, as there are complete amenities including a kitchen if you want to cook up a quick midnight snack.


Can’t wait to visit one of the most romantic places in the world? Call your partner and ask her to join you in a beautiful and memorable trip to Whistler, British Columbia.