Holidays With Family


Growing up, I have always enjoyed going on holidays with my family. It was the one time when I could spend time with each other without having to feel like time is limited or that we have to worry about being too loud for the neighbors. 

Also, it was that one time when we would be out of the house and staying in a hotel. I never really understood my fascination with hotels, but I have always liked the feeling of luxury and glamour that comes with staying in a hotel. I would always feel like we were rich when we would stay in these elegant hotel rooms, and we could go out and swim in the pool. Those were some of the fondest memories of my childhood. 

Looking back at those times, I cannot help but think that one day, I would want to do the same for my children. I would also like to take them on family holidays to these elegant hotels and spend time with them after a lot of hard work and stress


One more thing I used to like was being on the road on the way to the hotel. I would always be so excited while in the car that I would talk and talk until I get tired and fall asleep, magically waking up in the hotel bed. The trip would always be fun for me. The intense build-up of the excitement of getting to stay in a hotel again and being able to spend time away from home. 

These were memories that I would talk about with my friends, and I would brag about. I realized when I got older that the experience and the feeling of being in a hotel that was not just beautiful but also comfortable and relaxing. I realize that I remember those hotels that made me feel comfortable more than those hotels that were focused on physical appearance. 

If you think about it, a hotel room should always be more focused on comfort because it is a place where families would rest after a long day of traveling or adventure. Sure, outward appearances and the mood will always be a factor, but making guests feel like they are at home, even if they are miles away from home, will make people come back over and over again. The best hotels have their guests in mind, and elegance comes after. Service and comfort come first.


So, imagine this – you go back to the hotel after a long day of being at the beach or getting a tour around the city, maybe you have had a few bites to eat, and when you get to the hotel, you find out there is no hot water in the shower or that the bed has bed bugs or the lights would not turn on. That would be stressful for anyone, right? After a long day of being out about with family, you want to go back to the hotel and get a hot shower and beauty sleep. This is why hotels need to be comfortable and efficient because no one wants to deal with all these problems when they are paying to experience a stress-free stay. 

I remember there was a time when we got to the hotel, and the room was just a disaster. The beds were itchy; the cabinet door was unhinged, the television would not turn on, the air conditioning was non-existent. My mother, after a five-hour drive, decided to have us pack up again and leave. I remember her say, “we either get a good place to stay, or we move to a different hotel.” Now, my mother is a very reasonable woman, but not everyone will be like her. 


The moral of all this is when you run a hotel, you have to put the needs and the comfort of the guests first. Be more practical with what is inside the room, and you have to study your market. Not everyone will enjoy a 1920’s vibe, but not everyone will enjoy a modern vibe, but the main goal is always to have your guests’ best interest in mind. 

At the end of the day, when a family decides to pack their bags for a vacation and they head to a hotel, they expect to be able to unwind after everything that has happened in their lives. It is a time for families to bond and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure that you are a part of that moment because what people remember is how they were treated and not how the placed looked like. How the place is presented is what attracts people but how they were served and treated is why they come back. Make that choice now. 

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