Outdoor Activities Allowed In British Columbia During The Pandemic

The 2019 Outdoor Event, which is the largest outdoor show, will not happen again until 2021. The pandemic has brought about changes in plans to adjust accordingly to social distancing protocols. While most of the world is encouraged to stay at home, British Columbia still allows some outdoor activities. But these activities require people to observe social distancing. Here are some that you can do:


Campgrounds in British Columbia are to re-open by June. Campsites will be on a full distance from other campsites. Also, there will be a limit on the number of allowed visitors in the camping ground. Backcountry cabins and cooking facilities will remain close for the meantime. On the other hand, shower rooms will implement intensive cleaning protocols to ensure the guests’ safety.

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Hiking And Biking

Locals can still utilize the biking and hiking trail for recreational use. New signs are in place to remind everyone to keep a safe distance to prevent the spread of the virus. Not all paths are allowed, only those trails that can enable people to maintain six feet distance are operating. While the government allows these kinds of activities, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the regulations, especially the new ones, when going out to do these.

Visit Parks

Parks remain open despite the pandemic. While authorities allow it, they stress the need to follow the guidelines below strictly. 

  • No gathering in groups
  • Keep 2 meters (6 ft) distance
  • Always sanitize and wash your hands 
  • Contact activities are not allowed like frisbee and volleyball
  • Limit your visits so that others can get to visit too

Authorities say that ignoring of rules puts everyone’s health in danger. They warn against those who will ignore and violate the regulations that they may face trial by public shaming.

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Staying at home for an extended period may be draining for most. So, allowing these outdoor activities can benefit the well-being of the people. Although these activities might make people feel somewhat normal, it is crucial always to remember to live by the “new normal.”

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