Best Outdoor Activities You Can Do For Free

A while back, people held the 2017 Outdoor Activities Conference. The event proved that there are people committed to having fun outdoors and that it comes with many advantages. However, some ventures can be pricey. Not everyone can go camping, fishing, or even biking. So what things can you do for free? Here are some options:

Go For A Walk Or A Run

If you’re looking for fresh air and some sunshine, then going out for a walk is a simple activity you can do. You can take a short stroll around your neighborhood or go for a quick jog. You can also visit the park and bring your furry companion for added fun.

Go Hiking


If you’re ready to commit to the outdoors, there are several hiking spots near any city or town. If you’ve never tried hiking before, you can ask for a guide or look online for trails that are suitable for beginners. If you’re going somewhere not too far, you won’t have to spend a single penny.

Play Tag

If you have children – or friends who are kids at heart – why not play a game of tag? The outdoors allows you to run around without worrying about breaking a vase or picture frame. There also isn’t any furniture in the way. You can stretch out those legs all you want!

Go Swimming


If you’re lucky, you might have a lake or river near where you live. These places are often free for the public to enjoy. If you don’t, there’s likely a public pool you can access. Get up early, pack a bag for the day, and go to the nearest safe body of water and have fun swimming.

Yoga, Zumba, And Other Workouts

A lot of people go to the gym or yoga studio to get fit. However, memberships can be expensive. Thankfully, there’s now a lot of content available online. You can follow yoga, Zumba, and workout steps through free YouTube videos. You can do these out in your backyard or even at the park for more space and fresh air.


Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to cost you a single dollar. You have several options available such as taking a walk, hiking, playing a game of tag, swimming, or even merely moving your workout outside. There’s no excuse for us to stay cooped up inside and lose the opportunity to get some sunshine.

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