How The Natural Scenery Of British Columbia Lowers Stress

British Columbia is home to some of the majestic views in the world. Here, you can see mighty mountains, rich forests, sparkling lakes and rivers, and many more. The scenery here is close to magical.

If you’ve had a long day and want to relieve your stress, come travel to British Columbia. Studies have shown how viewing natural environments reduces an individual’s stress levels.


The Positive Effects of the Environment on Us

The environment has the power to reduce our stress and make us feel better. “We don’t have to look far into history to know that humans evolved in natural settings and were deeply connected to their ecological environments,” wrote developmental psychologist Marilyn Price Mitchell, Ph.D. “In fact, our connections with nature could just be the best medicine for people of all ages—improving our health, happiness, and well-being,” she says.  Several scientists have looked into how much these environments affect our bodies. Depending on the place we are in, what we see or hear may affect not only our mood but also our physiological functions. Here are the different ways nature impacts an individual:

Improves Health

You may notice physical changes in your body when you are surrounded by nature. Have you ever laid down near the beach, watching the waves, and noticed how your heartbeat slows down? Or perhaps you hiked up a mountain one day and reached the top. When you were there at the summit, beholding the sight, you felt your muscles relax and your blood pressure lower. All of these factors help contribute to lowering your stress hormones.


Calms Down Your Nerves

Maybe recently, you have walked in a park when you were going through rough times. You must have noticed how, after walking around, you somehow felt better. Being with nature reduces your worries, fears, stress, and even anger. Being able to view incredible sights or take in the fresh air will calm you down.

Boosts Your Mood

We are often left absorbed by the sight of something natural or pure. A glimpse of a tree in the middle of a field or watching the tides crash over the beach can help change your mood. You end up distracted from all the discomfort or pain you feel. It is a way for you to cope with what you may be going through. “Taking walks in nature lowers anxiety and depression while boosting mood and well-being, a large-scale study showed,” associate director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education Emma Seppala, Ph.D. explains. “Exposure to more light can boost Vitamin D levels that are known to increase mood, especially in colder months.”


Being surrounded by peaceful nature is better than being in the city. The noisy roads or smoky streets can’t help but trigger a stressful day for you. The everyday hustle and bustle is the reason why people choose to go out of town for vacations.

Views To See In British Columbia

Now that you know how well nature can help you, right now you should consider taking a break. British Columbia is endowed with beautiful natural sceneries to help you cool off or relax. These places include mountains, lakes, rivers, and more. Here are 15 of the best spots you should consider visiting.

  1. Butchart Gardens
  2. Whistler
  3. Lussier Hot Springs
  4. Vancouver Island
  5. Granville Island
  6. Lynn Canyon Park
  7. Glacier National Park
  8. Yoho National Park
  9. Stanley Park
  10. Pacific Rim National Park
  11. Queen Elizabeth Park
  12. Great Beat Rainforest
  13. Haida Gwaii
  14. Alaska Highway
  15. Okanagan Valley

As excited as you are for the trip, always remember that you should adequately prepare your vacation for the best experience.  Richard E. Cytowic, M.D., MFA, professor of neurology at George Washington University, says, “Spending time in natural settings such as parks, lakes, forests, and mountains initially seemed to be a balm for digital distractions, and studies show that regularly engaging with the outdoors substantially reduces activity in the brain’s prefrontal areas that trigger rumination and a constant parade of negative thoughts.” Indeed, nature plays a significant role in both our physical and mental well-being. Always remember to take care of it since it may someday save you as well.

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