Adventure Awaits: Exploring North Central British Columbia 

For some, traveling can be an escape to get ahold of their lives. Through traveling, you get to reflect and be at peace. Did you know that British Columbia’s one of the largest, westerly provinces? With its enormous size, comes great adventures! 


Outdoor activities are proven to be helpful physically, mentally, and socially. With this, North Central British Columbia has got you covered! You can find a lot of hidden treasures which are open for leisure and relaxation. The adventures available range from chill road trips, forest and water adventures, and so much more! 


One With Land 

British Columbia is rich in golden treasures that are remarkably one with nature. Besides this, they’re able to conserve and preserve it as well. There are lots of activities which you can do on land when you visit North Central British Columbia: 


 1. Road Trip Of A Lifetime 

The most well-known road trip spots located here is the Alaska Highway. The route is around 2,500 km and along the highway are some animals which you can observe, and mesmerizing northern lights you can enjoy.  

2. Fur Friends 

A few years back, the Great Bear was on the verge of extinction. However, on the North Coast of British Columbia, these animals are really taken care of! Bluewater Adventures is one of the trusted yacht expeditions which can take you to get a better experience with these fur friends. 

3. Bike Through The Trails Of BC 

Experience a whole kind of mountain biking in the Boer Mountain trails. Be close to nature. At the same time pass by rural areas and majestic views of British Columbia.  

4. Your Kind OCamping 

Not the bold type of camper? No problem! In North Central British Columbia, there are camping options for those who like expeditions, and those who want to take it slow. There are places where you can explore national parks, and on the other hand, private campgrounds for beginners 

 5. Golf Galore 

British Columbia is famous for its vast golf grounds which are close to nature. Ever seen a golf course where you can still be near the ocean, the desert, or the forest? British Columbia’s got it.   

6. Custom Hiking 

Have an extraordinary experience with nature with British Columbia’s world-renowned hiking spots. There are a lot of parks which you can explore with your family and friends. Sceneries? BC has more than just one. You can choose landscapes where you can see grasslands, glaciers, or even coastlines! 


With The Waters 

Not a fan of land? Besides outdoor land activities, there are also a whole lot more adventures that you can do in the waters: 



1. Surf’s Up

BC is famous for its clear and cool waters. It’s a year-round of surfing for all the wave-loving tourists. If you’re afraid, worry not, because there are locals who can rent and offer lessons. 

2. Fish Frenzy 

Campbell River, which is found on Vancouver Island, is known as the “Salmon Capital of the World,” which is why the fishing trip is very famous here. There are various options for you to cast your line; you can choose from lakes, rivers, or even oceans! What a better way to experience the waters than with this outdoor activity.   

3. Dive Under The Sea 

Did you know that British Columbia has been commended for having the best temperate water for diving in the world? There are a lot of places to dive all year round in North Central British Columbia. It has one of the most colorful diving spots as well. 

4. Go For The Extremes 

For the adrenaline junkies, there’s a lot of outdoor activities on water just for you! You can explore British Columbia by kayaking with friends and family which is one of the highlights of their indigenous culture.  


If not, you can also try river rafting and see the whitewater rivers of BC up close! For an even extreme experience, pass through the middle of the Columbian mountains through the adrenaline-filled activities the place has to offer like zip lining, bungee jumping, rock climbing, or kite surfing.  


There’s a lot of activities which you can enjoy when you’re in North Central British Columbia. These all range from different comfort levels which you can choose from, may it be for those who are just beginners, or those who want an experience of a lifetime.  




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