Fun Day Itinerary For Your North Central British Columbia Trip 

Planning for your trip to North Central British Columbia? If this is your first time to go in the area, worry no more because we got you covered. North Central British Columbia has plenty of destinations to offer its guests. 


Specifically, if you are looking for adventure coupled with scenic sights and unforgettable destinations, continue reading this list. We put together the top sites you should visit in North Central British Columbia. 


North Central British Columbia At A Glance 

Before getting excited about your trip, you should know a few facts about North Central British Columbia first. Knowing these will help you set your expectations. For starters, North Central British Columbia’s location is set against the backdrop of the Alaskan frontier. You will expect to see astonishing natural wonders that are seemingly out of this world. These sights look as if they are untouched by men. 


Haida Gwaii 

At the Haida Gwaii archipelago, touted as the Galapagos of Canada, you feel as if you’re on a science fiction movie. A majority of Haida Gwaii’s animal species can only be found there. 


Also, you will never get tired of adventure-filled activities. You can opt to go for trekking, golfing, kayaking, fishing, or camping. The choices are seemingly endless. Want to go trekking? Go for an enjoyable hike on a rainforest trail. You can also fish for your next meal. 

 If you want to experience more of Haida Gwaii’s unique culture, you’ll surely want to get to know the people. The people of Haida Gwaii are friendly and approachable. Looking for a trendy cafe to visit? Ask a local, and they may even invite you to their night activities. Be sure to go with the flow of things in this easy-going island. 

 Now that you’ve experienced the hospitality of the  Haida people before you leave, you should definitely try to visit the Haida Heritage Sites if you want to know more about the Haida culture. 


Monkman Provincial Park 

Do you want a fun fact? This provincial park was named in honor of Alex Monkman. He was one of the pioneers of inter-connecting highways in Canada. Specifically, Monkman is one the most passionate individuals who wanted to create a viable means to transport people and goods between the Peace River and the Pacific Ports.  


Although his original plans were not supported, he pressed on with his vision. He was able to get a start on creating this new highway before World War II broke out. 

 While inside the Monkman Provincial Park, you can go camping in the dedicated campgrounds or go caving with friends. If you have experience as a hiker, you can also try to follow the 

Monkman Pass Memorial Hiking Trail.  

The Monkman Provincial Park is home to many kinds of animal species you would not otherwise see on an average day. You will get to see moose, grizzly bears, mountain goats, mountain sheep, and caribou .  

While caving inside the Corral Cave, you will also get to see a sinkhole as well as various icicle formations. 


Great Bear Rainforest 

If you love nature, you can visit the Great Bear Rainforest. There are several water adventure activities you can try. You can go for natural hot springs or go for a dip in the glacial fjords  in the area. You can also go bird watching during a nature walk. 


North Central British Columbia is set against a backdrop of natural beauty. During your trip, make sure to visit these sites. Surely you will love to come back and experience more of North Central British Columbia. 



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