Travel During The Coronavirus Pandemic

It has been a long time since the World Health Organization said anything about the world’s travel condition. Since COVID-19 is a public health situation, the organization until now seeks better resolution to help the public in their issues regarding safety and security. But after a couple of months, countries are now easing their measures for the first time. Traveling is now okay following the full lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. People now see the light as to where they can travel and cross countries again. Here are some of the domestic and international travel updates, advisories, and recommendations to look out for.


The New Normal Of Traveling

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for the virus yet. And until now, all people still need to follow social distancing protocol. Regarding traveling, countries are urging their governments to continually control the people’s movement. With that, restrictions for public utility vehicles are still on the table. It is a bit of an inconvenience due to the vast number of people who need public transport. Some countries also issue curfew hours to help limit the visibility of people on the airport terminals and bus stations. Children and the elderly are also not allowed to travel even if it calls for an emergency. The point of the continued restriction is to help the government in contact tracing.


For domestic travels, pretty much all countries are now allowing people to travel. But, of course, they should follow the social distancing protocol and wear masks properly. And with regards to domestic air and land travels, there are only a few numbers of people allowed to ride a particular vehicle. Unfortunately, most individuals find it inconvenient. However, the goal of that restriction is to encourage individuals to only proceed with essential travel and trade. Honestly, the point of the new domestic travel rules is to convince everybody to stay cautious despite the privilege of traveling again.

As for international travels, governments across all countries practice safety measures by denying some foreign entries. That is because temperature screening from border checkpoints alone does not usually prevent, stop, or slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Some countries believe that the screening process is not that effective since there are people who happen to be asymptomatic. Yes, some tests can guarantee results in determining who is infected or not. However, the challenge of that process is the delay of time of the result and exertion of effort. That means it is difficult to entirely consider an open trip without seeing a good outcome in both ways.



Most individuals appreciate the already loosen travel restrictions in the past few weeks. Some of them use the opportunity to be with their families and friends again. But when talking about vacations and other leisure trips, the public is still required not to treat the situation lightly and are encouraged to stay within their homes. Honestly, that is the best thing to do since most travel spots are under quarantine and are unable to operate and provide services. Yes, some places already started their reopening phases. But people should note that some of these businesses are only available for a few individuals. There is nothing much people can do about it.


The World Health organization still doesn’t change its stand on the effects of the Coronavirus. And since there is a continuously growing number of infected individuals worldwide, people might expect another lockdown. Hopefully, that won’t happen again.

So if ever you consider traveling in and out of a country, please do follow safety measures. And if it is not that important, you might as well take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay at home.

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