4 Reasons To Have A Staycation At Vancouver

Craving for a break? Vancouver might be the perfect staycation area for you.

Staycations have become increasingly popular over the years. They’re cheaper, require less planning, and are more feasible than out-of-town vacations. With how busy we can get, planning a vacation may have the opposite effect of what taking a break is supposed to be like. 

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Great Quality Of Life

Vancouver is one of the most populated cities in Canada. However, despite its dense population, it ranks the third best city in terms of quality of life. It’s no wonder a lot of people choose to live here.

With a low crime rate, the city is considered safe.  When you need to run quickly outside to grab food and other things, you wouldn’t be worried about you and your properties’ safety.

Going around cities may become stressful because of traffic. However, in Vancouver, there isn’t much traffic congestion. Thus, it is perfect for those who want to spend a few hours either nearby or in the mountains and sea.

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Marvel At Its Rich Heritage

While you are resting well between your busy days, you can enjoy and appreciate this city’s rich heritage and antique architecture.

The city’s namesake is the man who named the area in 1972. Captain George Vancouver was a British explorer who was responsible for mapping many regions of what British Colombia is today. However, the name isn’t the only historical evidence that remains today.

There are many old churches in the city, like the Holy Rosary Cathedral along Richards Streets, built as early as 1899. There are also lavish and extravagant mansions, like the Hycroft and Brock House, as well as their long-standing Orpheum Theatre, built-in 1927.

Breathe The Mountain And Sea Air

Staycations are about unwinding and de-stressing. While most cities are toxic and suffocating, Vancouver isn’t. Sheltered between the mountains and the sea, this city has a low rate of air pollution.

Plus, going to the mountains is easy. There are many health benefits of living in the mountains as well as by the sea. These are perfect if you want to experience a change in pace. After all, that is what you’re looking for in a staycation.

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Filled With Great Staycation Hotels

There are many great hotels in Vancouver. Esther’s Inn is one of the best-rated ones in this area.

Swim in the pool or relax in the hotel’s hot tubs and sauna. You can also take leisure strolls among the tropical gardens. There are also water slides for the children to play in.

You don’t even have to worry about laundry as Esther’s Inn offers guest laundry facilities. This service is a testament to the establishment’s excellent customer service, which will make you feel at home. Their 24-hour front desk service will take care of all of your needs so that you can rest easy.

So, the next time you’re overwhelmed with life, consider a staycation at Vancouver instead. Experience a rejuvenating rest and unwind in one of the country’s busiest cities.

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