What People Say About The 2016 Long Beach Summer Breeze Festival

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I asked those who witnessed the 2016 Long Beach Summer Breeze Festival if it was worth the travel and the money, and no one answered ‘no.’ All of them – the singles, locals, tourists, and families – thought that the summer festival was fantastic. And now that summer’s fast approaching, I decided to find out more about this festival so I’ll know my way around where to go what to do in Long Beach, California.

Best Music Of The Season

The Summer Breeze Festival has been famous for being one of the best hosts of R&B shows for the whole summer season. Locals and tourists alike will be inspired by the songs of different genre performed by their favorite old and new artists. The usual ticket price starts at $50. You must pay ahead, though, because they run out earlier than you think.

Gastronomical Treat

This I am so looking forward – devouring all the tasty street food! From simple and usual to unique and exotic, you can get a taste of what the West Coast is proud of. Lunch, snacks, are dinner are served twice a week. Check out the bars and food trucks.

The Jazz Scene

Cow Bop, Southland Nonet, and Sherry Williams Quartet are among the artists that have heated up the jazz scene at the Cultural Center in Fullerton. After an active stroll and perhaps a few drinks at the cash bar, relax and listen to some smooth jazz music every Thursday for six weeks. In 2016, tickets were at $25 but if you purchase in advance, you get $5 less.

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Art Extravaganza

This is a bizarre kind of art show wherein artists utilized bizarre materials that you won’t expect would work in an art collection – gummy bears, and duct tapes and more. Be amazed at the art with background music plus refreshments. And as if it’s not enough, you’ll get to meet and greet the artists of the show right after!

There’s a lot more in store for you (and me) at the festival and I am definitely going to check it out this summer. How about you?




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