Rekindle Your Love At Whistler BC



Whistler, British Columbia is popular for being home to the best and largest ski resort in North America. However, not everyone who comes to Whistler has the sole purpose of skiing or even thinking of riding the slopes. Whistler’s success and fame as a favorite tourist destination doesn’t stop at being a five-star ski resort. In fact, it surpasses its reputation far beyond its stretches of snow.


Whistler is also a go-to for people who want to relax, unwind, and ultimately rekindle their love. Its delicious cuisine matched with a romantic atmosphere has invited and welcomed many couples to stay and try their luck on reviving their lost feelings and fixing their relationship.


Here are some reasons why romance sizzles in this beautiful Canadian town.


Whistler Village. If you don’t feel like going to the slopes and want to take a breather by going shopping or eating, then the Whistler Village is the perfect place to visit. With the Blackcomb Mountains as your backdrop, a sparkle of hope might just happen in one of their cozy restaurants. After a delicious meal, you can go window-shopping in the strip of boutiques and popular shops such as the Body Shop, Gap, L’Occitane, and Pandora. This is quite a therapy for most of the tourists on this side of town.




The Scandinave Spa. What’s one of the best ways to boost romance but to relax and rejuvenate in a spa? There are great spas in town, but the Scandinave Spa offers the unique experience of massage and hydrotherapy in an outdoor facility that allows you to look down on the beautiful landscapes of Whistler. You begin with a steam bath, a Finnish sauna, or a hot bath, and then move into a cold tub. The final respite will either be in a warm and fragrant room or in an outdoor fireplace. If you’ve got a little more energy, you can end your night with a hot stone or couples massage.


Dining Experience. Canada is home to award-winning restaurants, and two of the best are proudly from Whistler. Bearfoot Bistro and Araxi are the perfect places to experience a romantic dinner with your partner. Don’t start eating until you get a taste of their champagne (to heat things up a little!). If you’re craving for raw and spicy, head to Sachi Sushi, a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Rim Rock Café, Wildwood Bistro, and 21 Steps are equally popular restaurants that are worth trying.




Five-Star Accommodations. Whistler boasts of luxurious hotels, condominium units, and house rentals that are safe, comfortable, and truly relaxing. The Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre Hotel is a European-themed hotel that is always on the roster of the best accommodations in travel sites around the world. It is quiet with an air of class, so you are sure to impress the love of your life. She might just be waiting for you at the balcony, where she plans to tell you how much she’s missed you. You can do so much in their hotel suites, as there are complete amenities including a kitchen if you want to cook up a quick midnight snack.


Can’t wait to visit one of the most romantic places in the world? Call your partner and ask her to join you in a beautiful and memorable trip to Whistler, British Columbia.




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