Soothe Your Soul At Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park 

We all have those days wherein we just want to get away from our daily activities and be one with the nature to replenish ourselves. One of the best destinations for relaxation and outdoor activities in the area is the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park which is considered as the second in rank as the largest hot springs located in Northern part of British Columbia Canada.  


You can do camping on site, swimming in the Liar Hot Spring or even sightseeing of moose around the area. Taking Instagram-worthy photos of the picturesque view of the wilderness is also recommendable to capture moments with your loved ones. 

 It is indeed an exceptional place to distress while seeping a cup of coffee offered by a restaurant nearby. Now, traveling to the Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park is as easy as going to your favorite restaurant in the city. It is a famous go-to-stop over along the Alaska Highway which is 60 kilometers north of the famous Muncho Lake Provincial Park.  

 Along the Liard River Valley is the location of the Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park wherein you will find the campsite near Liard River Hot Springs. 


About The Park 

The provincial park is first known as Tropical Valley. During an exploration, Robert Campbell of Hudson’s Bay Company built hot springs for everyone’s leisure time along Liard River in 1835. Throughout the years, utmost construction at the area had been administered for the establishment of camping site and the making of boardwalks.  

 The Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park is open all year round for campers, families, and friends who wish to spend the day away from home. Facilities in the area offer luggage housing with composting toilet.  


 The warmth of the spring gives off a temperature ranging from 42 °C to 52 °C making the flowing water not freeze even during winter. It also features a 300-meter boardwalk towards the hanging garden near the location of the hot spring. Tourists are only allowed to stroll on the wooden boardwalk to avoid disturbing the sensitive habitats and community of animals living in the boreal forest of the park. 

 Aside from soaking your stress out in the warm water of the bathing spring, the place also has restaurants nearby which provide a unique style of cuisine that would make the tourist remember the site and come back again after the experience. Tourists are also welcome to cook their food around the campfire. 


Things To Remember While On Camping 

First of all, you must refresh the basics of camping such as safety guidelines for food preparation and whom to contact during emergency situations. Bringing of camping essentials like map or compass is also recommendable for safety purposes. To enjoy every moment and not regret it by the end of the day, you should know the whereabouts of the leisure spots by printing or researching about your itinerary beforehand.  



Prepare a plan for your meals for the entire stay and never leave your food unattended because animals are present in the area. Lastly, be mindful of your eco-footprints and always clean as you go to contribute to the preservation of nature. 


 Exploring new sights and discovering calming sounds are just one of the intakes when traveling along the Northern part of British Columbia. Surely, Liard River Hot Springs is the best place to do it all while traveling on a budget basis. You get to personalize the activities to be done in your stay. Also, the privilege and opportunity to wander around the exceptional attraction is truly a lifetime memory.     






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