The Best Romantic Spots For Couples In British Columbia 

British Columbia is a famous vacation destination due to its breathtaking views. This diverse destination is packed with stunning sceneries, exciting cities, and an array of outdoor activities. Why not share and enjoy these romantic spots with your special someone? Explore British Columbia for a fantastic honeymoon vacation or a quick getaway.  


Nimmo Bay Resort 

If your perfect vacation getaway involves river rafting, waterfall hot tubs, and helicopters, the Nimmo Bay Resort is the one for you! This resort provides you with all the required equipment and transportation to make sure that you get to enjoy all the wilderness and rugged activities you crave. This kind of adventure is fit for couples who bond over extreme and extraordinary activities.  

 The good thing with this place is its end-of-the-day relaxation massage services. It includes Reiki, Ayurvedic, Reflexology, and Shiatsu treatments best for couples who want to relax.  


Joffre Lakes Provincial Park 

This destination spot is a picturesque scenery located just past Whistler. The campsite is situated at the far end corner of the Upper Joffre Lakes – right below the glacier. The view from here features the rugged mountains, turquoise-colored waters, and lush trails of the destination.  


While on this outdoor trip, you can go for an epic hike with your partner while enjoying the pristine backdrop of the province. You can also have a relaxing swim in the waters while interacting with the safe and cute sea creatures.  


Assiniboine Lodge 

If you are fond of hiking and skiing, Assiniboine Lodge can be the perfect place for both you. This lodge is the oldest backcountry ski lodge which can be found at the Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park located the lovely British Columbia’s mountains.  


Assiniboine Lodge is known for its extreme trails which are best for skiing at winter and hiking at summer. Once you have reached the higher part of the mountain, you can also share the amazing view with your loved ones.  


God’s Mountain Estate 

God’s Mountain Estate is a Mediterranean styled-villa spread across 115 acres of land. It is the perfect venue for creative couples to connect with their love for art. The unique feature of this estate is their beautiful roofless room where a couple can bask under the stars while soaking in a private tub. The venue is also surrounded by various kinds of flowers and trees to contribute to the relaxing and breathtaking environment of the estate.  


Bella Pacifica 

The Bella Pacifica is a perfect site for a beach trip you never knew you needed. Take part of an island life packed with forested campsites and sandy shores which you can use as a space to reconnect with your partner.  


While on this island, you can set your camping site to be placed on MacKenzie Beach on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This private campground is readily equipped with a picnic table you can use for a romantic outdoor dining experience for couples. You can also find a fire pit in the site where you can cozy up with your partner while cooking your smores.  


Twin Island 

The Twin Island can be a private space for couples to unwind and bond with each other. This secluded place involves hiking up Quarry Rock, fueling up with Honey Doughnuts, and paddling 5.5 km to the island using a kayak. During low tides, you will be able to find a sandy beach which connects two amazing islands. This place may be hard to travel to, but it is worth the privacy and relaxing vibe.  

If you and your partner are one of those lovebirds who need to stay away from the stressful happenings in the city, make sure to visit these spots. Pack your bags and bring your significant other to a romantic adventure worth remembering.  




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